Friday, April 11, 2008


Teachers Name: Ms. Oh
Time of Interview: Per.3

Interviewers: Denise Valenzuela Ruby Valencia, Elvis Villegas


Where were you born?
Peoria, Illinois

What school did you go to for elementary?
She went to 3 different elementary schools

Where did you go to college?

What was your major?
Sociology and Asian-American studies

Why did you decide to teach?
There was something new to teach everyday and I wanted to invest in the next generation

What do you like to do when you’re not teaching?
Eat (Sushi, Steak), sleep, Hang out with friends and family, read, playing video games, watching movies.

Can you tell us 2 little facts about yourself?
1. I played classical piano for 18 years
2. Ate blanket lint as a kid

Who is/are your heroes?
My Grandma Chan

How long have you been teaching?
4 years

As a teacher, what is one of the most hard things for you to see?
Seeing someone who is really smart and has the potential to be someone great but, gives up or doesn’t try.


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